international artistic project by Aurelio Fort and Alfonso Lentini

It’s the boldest of the utopias, the most irreducible hope: to resist against every kind of oppression, to exist again, to get back being women and men free to claim the own life and history.
Mountains, rock, stones have a physical familiarity with the Resistance not only because partisans and rebels have always crossed and lived these places as a base for their fights, but also because, thanks to their shapes casted toward each other, mountains recall themselves the idea of freedom.
Besides, the stones, the hail of stones, are the weapons of children, of poor people, of outcasts.
In the occasion of the next celebration of the Liberation, beginning from this considerations, we will carry out in the city of Belluno, gold medal for the Resistance, one big Urban Exhibition.

·         The Art works on mutations and on the multiplication of meanings, so with our project we want to concentrate on the word Resistance in order to trigger off a mechanism of resonance and proliferation of sense.

·         Connecting our action with the crucial date of April 25, we want to bring out the principal meaning that this word gained in our history of Italian citizens and, at the same time, we want to arouse a reflection about different meanings that the word Resistance can assume today and about the values that it can represent.

·         We invite artists and citizens all over the world to participate, because we want that the Urban Exhibition we are planning will be a collective action, with which Belluno, protagonist city of the War of Liberation, will become a welcome space, a collector of ideas and plurality; we think Resistance is a universal symbol which tend to overcome the barriers among people.

·         If you want to participate we ask you, as well as a joining our art project, to shoulder the responsibility on the strength of the meaning and on the present value of the word “resistance”.

TO RESIST for RE/EXIST: if, in the spirit of Fluxus and Mailart, you agree this universal thought and this joyful and combative spirit of our artistic project, you are INVITED TO JOIN by sending the imprint of a finger of your hand impressed on paper with any technique.
It will be applied together with your name and the place of provenance with one of the stones that will build the Exhibition. If you prefer, with the fingerprint, you can also send a stone, providing that the dimensions are contained, more or less big as a handful.

Participations will be shown little by little in the blog http://resisistereper.blogspot.it/ that will document the various stages of the project until the final moment of the April 25, 2013. The event will be publicized in the media and social networks with all the names of the participants and co-authors.
Send by March 31, 2013 in one of the following postal address:

Resistere per Ri/esistere
Aurelio Fort
Via Montecroce 19
32040 Comelico Superiore Belluno - Italia

Resistere per Ri/esistere
Alfonso Lentini
Via Agordo 337
32100 Belluno  - Italia

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